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Author Bio

WW Mortensen is the international #1 bestselling author of EIGHT. 

He lives in Brisbane Australia. Juggling full-time work, a young family and a passion for writing, he subsists on late nights, early mornings and a little too much coffee.

After attaining a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Film and Media, he spent twelve years in the print advertising industry. Currently, he works for the Queensland government.

A huge fan of horror movies, sci-fi, action and adventure stories, he draws his inspiration from a number of genres, and his spare time is largely devoted to honing his writing skills.

Eight is his first full-length novel, in which, deep in the Amazon, the solution to the global energy crisis has been found… at a price.

He is currently working on his next horror-thriller.



Eight is a high-octane survival-horror story, involving a discovery made deep in the Amazon that will solve the global energy crisis… and of an enemy that may threaten the future.

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