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    Celebrating scary

    I was twelve years old when Jason Voorhees burst from Crystal Lake and scared me senseless. You might know the scene—it occurs at the end of Friday the 13th, where he emerges from the depths and drags the girl from the canoe. There’s no way a bunch of young kids should have ever gotten their hands on that movie, but there were contributing factors: it was a sleepover at a mate’s house, his eighteen year-old brother—who was meant to be keeping an eye on us—was absent, and stacked high on top of the VHS was a pile of horror videos.

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    It slithers...

    On a remote country road, heading out to a weekend party, Tobe West and his friends pick up two hitchhikers. It seems like the right thing to do. No-one could have predicted the freak car accident that is about to change their lives.

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    The Jungle

    I’ll reveal a boring fact about myself. I like statistics. In a previous blog, ‘Welcome to Amazonia’, I disclosed I’m also a fan of the world’s greatest river, the Amazon. These truths are linked, because my fascination with the South American icon is tied to my awe of its incredible facts and figures. As you’re aware, the region is central to my debut action-thriller, ‘Eight’. It provides the setting, but this is cursory. Its contribution runs far deeper.

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    Interview with Rebecca Riley

    When she receives a mysterious email containing photos of an incredible discovery made deep in the Amazon, entomologist Rebecca Riley finds herself on the next flight to Brazil, heading down to join the team of scientists assembling there. What she uncovers is beyond imagination. The author asks her about her experience.

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    Serial Killer

    Sometimes you have to kill. Kill your darlings, kill your babies. This well-worn, oft-repeated advice comes in various forms, and in fact, ‘murder your darlings’ is likely the original. But in whatever guise, it amounts to the same: the killing a writer must do for the good of the story.

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Eight is a high-octane survival-horror story, involving a discovery made deep in the Amazon that will solve the global energy crisis… and of an enemy that may threaten the future.

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